The President of the Women’s Club Rielingshausen Brigitte Wolf get an Award for her Engagement (30. Januar 2009)

Von Karin Götz (Marbacher Zeitung)

The President of the Women’s Club Rielingshausen Brigitte Wolf get an Award for her Engagement

It was a solemn atmosphere inside the town hall of Marbach. Some minutes before 7 p.m. many guests entered the upper storey. In the entrance of the “Bürgersaal”, the citizen hall was the central figure of the evening, which was beaming all over her face in competition with the paillettes on her black suit. By hand-shake she greeted the members of the town-council, the administration, colleagues and friends. With the 7 o’clock strike of the chimes the chief administrative officer of the district Rainer Haas arrived.
The chief of the district acknowledged in his speech the extraordinary dedication, which Brigitte Wolf showed concerning the Frauenclub, the sister-city arrangements of Marbach and the public good. „You made a great contribution to the town”, remarked Haas. The foundation of a women association in the year 1987 in such a small village like Rielingshausen was really a new and unusual step, which was nevertheless absolutely useful in every respect for the local community. Not only the possibility for women to exchange experiences with each other and to spend their leisure time together, but also to support social projects – specially for children – in many parts of the world. The association, of which the 60 year old woman was one of the founders, takes once in a week responsibility for the distribution of inexpensive food to poor people at the “Ludwigstafel” in Ludwigsburg. Furthermore Brigitte Wolf set new standards concerning international partnerships, stressed Rainer Haas. „You used all your strength when ever an international meeting with our sister-cities took place”. The award of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic Germany is only the logical appreciation of her never-ending engagement.
Mayor Herbert Pötzsch stressed this engagement in his very personal speech. „When my wife and I came to Marbach 12 years ago, we were really amazed that there was something like a women association in the rural Rielingshausen“, remembered the chief of Marbach. He was even more surprised when he heard about the ambitious aims; the association set itself with the cultivation of international relationships and with the support of children care projects all over the world. The surprise didn’t last very long, because everybody who knows Brigitte and her temperament, will understand, that for her the rural environment wouldn’t be enough. There is a need inside her to see the world, even when the activities of the women association were absolutely under critical surveillance.
So it was no surprise for the 70 guests, that the president of the town-twin- association Helmut Sorg, gave her regards from the American sister city Washington/Missouri, namely from the mayor Richard Stratman and from the president of the town twin association, Walter Hatcher. Herbert Pötzsch was very pleased to pass the honored, who is honorary citizen of the Chinese Sister City, three letters of congratulation. Margrit Zabukoosek from the women association of Rielingshausen hasn’t prepared a letter, but a poem – a poem, which expressed the high esteem. Brigitte Wolf seems to do everything easily and she always sees where help is necessary, stressed Margrit Zabukoosek. “I admire her courage”.
The bearer of the Order of Merit could only say thank you: “I want to say thank you to everybody, who support me during the past years – especially my family”. It was also the family who framed the program of the ceremony. The Rock Group Windsor, in which Brigitte Wolf’s son is one of the members, framed the program with music. And last but not least Brigitte Wolf took everybody with her to a nice journey to the sister cities. She told of her different experiences, which were pleasant and entertaining when they happened as well as today.

Marbacher Zeitung, 31.01.2009

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