Journey to Stratford-upon-Avon

Early in the morning on 22nd September 2007 12 members of the Frauenclub set off to accept the invitation of the Town Twinning Association Stratford-upon-Avon. They drove to the Stuttgart Airport in order to fly to London-Stansted. After their arrival they went to Stratford by rented cars.
The road took them through a wonderful, park-like landscape. They decided against the motorway to have a better sight on land and people. After 3 hours the group arrived in Stratford, already awaited by the hosts. First the accommodations were showed, but a short time later the beautiful weather and the wonderful historical town invited us to take a stroll.

Our first way took us of course to Shakespeare’s birth house an other famous sights.
The streets were crowded of tourists from all over the world, who enjoyed the sunny weather. Â Boat trips invited to relax on the Avon, which is relatively wide there, the banks covered with trees and flowing straight through the town.

In the evening we met in the golf club restaurant for a large dinner.

We were very pleased that such a big number of members of the association were there and therefore a very pleasant evening could be spend with old and new friends.

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Stratford-upon-Avon the City and the evening

On the following morning we went to Broughton Castle. „One of England’s top twenty historic houses, like it was said.

It is owned by the noble family Fiennes for six centuries. This castle has a very special charisma. The last renovation and redesign took place at the end of the 16th century. No wonder it is today the location for different movies, including the film shootings of “Little Lord Fauntleroy“.
We were surprised and deeply impressed. We almost believed that the castle is haunted by ghosts and that until today the singing of the soldiers besieging the castle during the 17th century could be heard when there is fog outside. For more information about Broughton Castle please visit the internet site
In the evening we met at the bowling-alley of the Bowling Clubs for a competition Stratford-Marbach, which the hosts won. Brigitte Wolf expressed her thanks in the name of the group from Marbach for the friendly reception and handed over a present from the mayor of Marbach, Herbert Pötzsch to the mayor of Stratford. An invitation for the Schiller year 2009 was made as well and we asked for participation in the event. “Schiller meets Shakespeare” was given as an idea. Our invitation was accepted with pleasure.
On the next morning it was already time to say goodbye – Auf Wiedersehen in Marbach 2009 –.
But for our group from Marbach the sight-seeing tour was not finished yet. The destination of this day was Windsor Castle, just outside London.

The flag was hoisted over the Great Tower, which meant that Her Majesty, the Queen was present.
The guided tour through the castle was stunning. The size, the majesty and the century-lasting tradition of the English Monarchy was very impressive.

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Broughton Castle und Windsor Castle

Tired but happy we returned to the airport London–Stansted.

2007-09-24-1060-Windsor & unsere Flotte
Windsor & our cars

The conclusion of this journey: „It was fantastic!”.

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