To the narcissui blossom to Gerardmer (North Vosges)

  This time (4. April 2004), the day excursion of the Frauenclubs led to France, more exactly to Gérardmer into the North Vosges. The journey led about Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Colmar over the Col de la Schlucht.

He is known to many as one of the mountains which must be coped with by the Tour de France. Shortly before the aim the weather god meant it with us no longer well, it rained.



the Vosges in not nice weather, view from Col de Schlucht

Gérardmer is noted for the wild growing narcissi which would see the whole slopes, meadows and gardens clearly with her yellow flower splendor.

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Geradmer and the narcissui

The journey home led us across Strassburg. We had a stay to visit the minster and a small part of the old town.

Straßburg – Petite France &  Münster